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Providing the proper measurements is critical in receiving a hot tub cover that fits perfectly and provides the highest level of energy efficiency.  All measurements need to be in inches.  **Please measure carefully, you are responsible for the measurements you provide.
1).  Measure in inches from the outside corner of your spa in both directions, you will need the length and width of the spa on all sides for an accurate measurement.  If your spa has a cut corner (meaning that your spa is not the shape of an exact square) or if your spa has a rounded corner, we will need those dimensions from you also.  Please see the diagram below about how to easily measure a rounded corner.
2).  Measure in inches the skirt that hangs down from the bottom of your existing cover.  Skirt length represents the height of the spa’s rim. With a cover sitting flush on top of the spa, measure the distance down to the outer rim of the spa.
3).  Measure the fastener length in inches.
4).  Determine the hinge direction (the hinge direction determines which way your spa cover will fold open, length-wise or width-wise).
5).  After measuring, go to our product page where you will select the spa cover that best fits your needs.We have measurements on file for thousands of models and brands of spas, send us an email to see if we have the dimensions for your spa, we will be happy to compare them with the measurements you are getting.  If you have any trouble measuring your spa, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us for help!
How to easily measure for a rounded corner: To find the radius of any corner, find the two points where the straight edge begins to curve.  The easiest way to measure a radius is with a carpenter square.  To measure radius “A”: extend straight lines indicated in blue by laying straightedges against the sides of the spa. Measure from point “B” to point “C” and that will give you the size of your radius corner.  Please see diagram below.

how to measure a spa cover or hot tub cover corner

Measuring Hot Tub
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*Please note that the actual colors are approximate and may appear slightly different from monitor to monitor. Please contact us if you would like to have a color sample mailed to you.
Hot Tub Color Chart