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Lightweight hot tub cover. Best for lower altitudes with milder winters.

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Adds extra water protection around foam covers
Runs the entire hinge to help keep steam and heat in
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This beautiful custom made, lightweight hot tub cover is designed for a budget while maintaining quality. The 4″ to 2″ taper cover is sometimes referred to as a replacement spa cover.  This spa cover is constructed of the highest quality vinyl and materials.  C-channel galvanized steel adds rigidity and strength at the hinge and the bonded thread adds durability.  There are 17 different color selections to complement any spa.  This cover is sufficient for most spas and will work well in most areas but we especially recommend it for lower altitudes with milder winters.  The maximum size for this spa cover is 96″ x 96.” For over-sized spa covers please email us for a quote at info@ezspacovers.com.
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Cover Specifications
  • High quality virgin foam
  • Marine quality vinyl with UV protectant
  • Galvanized steel C channel at hinge for added support
  • Foam inserts are heat sealed in plastic to prevent  the collection of moisture
  • R-16 insulation rating
  • 2 Reinforced handles
  • Steam stoppers
  • Heat Shield
  • Reinforced stitching at hinge
  • Heat Sealed Foam Inserts
  • Reinforced stitching at hinge
  • 4 lock down straps with key
  • Specially made thread for spa covers
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Up to 4 inch skirt standard (longer than 4″ adds an additional charge)
Available upgrades:
Super heat shield steam stopper – Runs the entire hinge to help keep steam and heat in.
Double wrap foam inserts – Adds extra water protection around foam cores.


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