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8 - 10 weeks turnaround time for delivery.


All of our covers are built to last. They feature premium marine-grade vinyl with UV protectant to withstand exposure to the elements and tough and rigid closed-cell foam that prevents water from seeping in. They’re also built to exact specifications for a fit second to none compared to other covers on the market so that you can save money on your energy bills.

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Custom-made covers for your spa, jacuzzi, or swim pool.

Ez Sap Covers


EZ Spa Covers has precisely what you’re looking for, with many options on styles, finishes, and more with many options on styles, finishes, and more. We offer custom-molded covers that fit CalderaSpas, HotSpring Spas, Jacuzzi Q-Series, and many other brands.


Your custom hot tub cover is a work of art. It’s essential to find a cover that fits properly. Otherwise, you lose the proportions of your hot tub, and it just doesn’t look right.

EZ Spa Covers are designed to save you time, money, and effort when it comes to replacing those old worn covers! EZ Spa Covers offers a well-written measuring guide that makes ordering your custom spa or hot tub cover more straightforward than ever. Our experts will set you at ease and help provide you with all of the information you need to get the perfect look for your hot tub.


A Spa cover offers much more than just protection! It’s an extension of your hot tub, using color to make it look fantastic both inside and out. With 16 colors to choose from and even more combinations, it can be customized in almost any way you can imagine to ensure that it complements both your existing décor and makes a bold, eye-catching statement when looked upon from the exterior. There isn’t any other hot tub cover with such flexibility.


When you’ve built your reputation on quality, it’s not enough to simply say you create the best product, and you have to stand by it. Just like your hot tub, we understand that your spa cover is an investment. Our products are covered from defects in materials and craft under normal use for 36 months from the day it’s delivered to your door. We do this not just for your peace of mind but to demonstrate that we’re just as invested in our covers as our valued customers.


EZ Spa Covers’ mission is to help our customers obtain the highest quality, affordable, and energy-efficient spa covers. Whether they are standard or custom made, all will fit your spa perfectly. All of our covers come with free delivery directly to Sacramento and many other cities all over Stockton, which means you don’t have to pay extra to get it quickly from us where you need it most!

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The Perfect Cover, the Perfect Fit


Hot tub covers are paramount to ensuring your hot tub remains in excellent condition. The perfect spa cover protects your hot tub from the elements, but to do so, it requires heavy-duty materials and an exact fit.

Whether sunny, raining, or snowing, our covers deliver the ultimate protection. All of our covers feature reinforced handles, heat shields, double wrap foam inserts that are heat-sealed in plastic to prevent moisture collection, and reinforced stitching.

All of our covers feature our industry-leading heat shield and closed-cell foam that helps customers keep their energy consumption down each month—carefully designed to help your tub keep its heat. Additional upgrades, like the Super Heat Shield Steam Stopper, are available to contribute to your energy savings further. This small investment pays for itself in the long run, making for the ideal cover for energy savings.

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Our Happy Clients!

"I ordered a 4 piece custom cover and Christy was great and wonderful to work with. Good communication and speedy delivery of my new beautiful cover too!"
Review User
Mike L
"Great customer service! First time ordering a new cover and they were able to look up my brand of hot tub and provide the measurements for me to double check. They answered all my different questions I had and were very knowledgeable. It really made the ordering process super easy and I felt confident I’d ordered the correct spa cover when I was worried I would screw it all up. "
Review User
Holly K
"Return customer here for my 2nd spa cover from them because our first spa cover was so well made and lasted us about 6 years! They even had my old order to reorder from which made it a piece of cake. "
Review User
Antonio S

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your deliver hot tub covers?

Our general delivery area reaches from the Colfax area all the way down to San Jose and the Bay Area region. To see a list of all cities we deliver to with no delivery charges, visit our delivery page. We can also arrange for you to pick up your cover from the warehouse if you are outside our delivery area and can do so.

Do you make custom hot tub covers?

Yes, every cover is completely custom-made to fit the customer’s spa, including any custom-made spas or in-ground spas with different shapes and landscaping to work around or fountains to accommodate as well.

What are your hot tub covers made of?

Marine quality vinyl with UV protectant, High-quality virgin foam wrapped in 4 mil plastic, Galvanized steel, and  specially made thread for spa covers.

How long does it take to deliver a hot tub cover?

Our turnaround time is 8 – 10 weeks. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the time of delivery has been fluctuating a lot for the past year.

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Ez Sap Covers

Peace of Mind Warranty

Just like your tub, we understand that your spa cover is an investment. All of our covers come with a three-year limited peace of mind warranty. In addition to our superior materials and exacting manufacturing process, we stand by each of our covers. If during normal use, your cover fails within the first 36 months of purchase, we’ll happily replace it for you. Our warranty is our commitment to you that we are equally invested in your experience with our covers.


EZ Spa Covers is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, affordable and energy efficient spa covers that are custom made to fit your spa perfectly with FREE delivery to most of Northern California! We offer 5 different spa cover foam density options to choose from and can custom build any shape or size hot tub cover. All our spa covers are custom built in Northern California using the highest quality marine grade vinyl. With 16 beautiful colors to choose from, you are sure to find a spa cover color that will complement your spa and its surrounding areas!

Your business is greatly appreciated, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at for a fast response. Our service area includes most of Northern California, but you can check here on our list of delivery cities.

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*Please note that the actual colors are approximate and may appear slightly different from monitor to monitor. Please contact us if you would like to have a color sample mailed to you.
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