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Covers start at $397

4 - 6 weeks turnaround time for delivery.

Types of SPA Covers for Sale

Find the perfect spa cover in our wide selection of products. Whether you are getting your first cover, a replacement cover, or a custom cover, our products give you the perfect fit and optimal protection every time.

We cover every hot tub BRand

Our covers are sized to fit with all of the most popular hot tub brands. If you have a custom hot tub, we can create a custom cover tailored to its size and shape to deliver the protection your investment deserves.


Regardless of the hot tub you’ve purchased, or if you’ve had one built to your specifications, it’s safe to say that it’s a considerable investment. For every customer, the most important product you can purchase to protect that investment is a hot tub cover.

A premium spa cover can do more than just keep debris out of the water of your hot tub. We make each product with quality materials, build to endure the elements so your hot tub doesn’t have to. Built with an exacting manufacturing process, using premium materials like marine-grade vinyl, sealed foam cores, and heavy-duty straps, our covers can endure even the harshest weather conditions.

Some of our products are also carefully crafted to prevent heat loss in even the coldest environments. In addition to protecting your tub, they’ll also help keep your energy consumption reasonable.


"I ordered a 4 piece custom cover and Christy was great and wonderful to work with. Good communication and speedy delivery of my new beautiful cover too!"
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Mike L
"Great customer service! First time ordering a new cover and they were able to look up my brand of hot tub and provide the measurements for me to double check. They answered all my different questions I had and were very knowledgeable. It really made the ordering process super easy and I felt confident I’d ordered the correct spa cover when I was worried I would screw it all up. "
Silhouette of a person against a blue circular background with a long shadow effect, reminiscent of the sleek design seen in EZ Spa Covers.
Holly K
"Return customer here for my 2nd spa cover from them because our first spa cover was so well made and lasted us about 6 years! They even had my old order to reorder from which made it a piece of cake. "
Silhouette of a person against a blue circular background with a long shadow effect, reminiscent of the sleek design seen in EZ Spa Covers.
Antonio S

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your deliver hot tub covers?

Our general delivery area reaches from the Colfax area all the way down to San Jose and the Bay Area region. To see a list of all cities we deliver to with no shipping charges, visit our delivery page. We can also arrange for you to pick up your cover from the warehouse if you are outside our delivery area and can do so.

Do you make custom hot tub covers?

Yes, every cover is completely custom-made to fit the customer’s spa, including any custom-made spas or in-ground spas with different shapes and landscaping to work around or fountains to accommodate as well.

What are your hot tub covers made of?

Marine quality vinyl with UV protectant, High-quality virgin foam wrapped in 4 mil plastic, Galvanized steel, and  specially made thread for spa covers.

How long does it take to deliver a hot tub cover?

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the time of delivery has fluctuated a lot and it takes 4 – 6 weeks to receive a new cover now.

Get More Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How we ensure the quality of our spa covers

 EZ Spa Covers works hand in hand with its manufacturer to ensure that in addition to using the best materials to deliver a quality product. Each cover is built to the exact specifications ensuring an optimal fit every time. We use marine-grade vinyl for protection and durability, tough and rigid Closed-cell foam retards water absorption, and all of our covers feature UV resistance. We also provide a wide range of colors and all at an affordable price. Due to their tailored fit, our durable covers are easy to use and go on and off in a matter of minutes.

Our unique relationship with our manufacturer also allows us to combine the finest materials in unique combinations to create custom spa covers. Review our measuring guide to send us the measurements we need. We’d also be happy to have a call to define the recommended materials for your hot tub’s environment and to maximize energy savings. Our experts are always at your disposal.

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*Please note that the actual colors are approximate and may appear slightly different from monitor to monitor. Please contact us if you would like to have a color sample mailed to you.
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